The team at Moletech are continually looking to find and bring to market technologies to give farmers support and aid profitability. At present we are working with 5 major suppliers to offer systems to suit a range of needs. All of which are designed to keep the farmer up to notified with what’s happening on the farm.

Our systems provides alert for:

  • Oestrus Heat Detection
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Calving Detection
  • Drinking Cycles
  • Heat Stress

Health detection systems allow farmers to intervene early catching diseases before they can become severe; A reduced workload due to less cows being sick; reduced treatment costs and fewer medications being needed; And with all this keeping more milk in the tank.


SmaXtec is a Bolus based oestrus monitoring and health detection system located in the rumen giving the farmer constant updates on the individuals heat and health status in real time.

This classic system uses data from activity and temperature to give you accurate information of when the cows are showing signs of heat or health issues. PH+ is the next level of data showing all of the above but also keeping track of the PH inside the rumen, which is a key indicator for Feed efficiency, health status and giving you immediate insights into the effects of feeding.


HerdInsights is a multi-metric, cloud-based ‘Smart Collar’ for dairy cows which improves the efficiency of farm breeding programmes and reduces health care costs through early illness detection.  This system boasts an impressive 96% heat detection rate, an overall pregnancy rate of 96% in nine weeks and six weeks in-calf rates increased by up to 82%.


CowManager is a reusable ear tag sensor that fits on a standard EID. The CowManager ear tag measures and monitors each cows’ behaviours and will alert you of any abnormal behaviour for early detection. Cow manager uses algorithms based on the movement of the cow and also the movement of the ears to detect rumination.  You have a router that collects the data from the ear tags and then the information gets passed to the mobile device/ computer. Cow manager offers the farmer: fertility, health and Nutrition alerts to keep the farmer in the know with what is going on when they aren’t with the cows.


Moocall offer a calving sensor which you place on the tail of the cow/heifer nearing its due date. This can provide calving detection alerts for real time calving events. The Moocall calving sensor will monitor contractions and keep the farmer notified within the hour when the cow is about to calve. This notification will be sent direct to the farmers phone via text, email or push notifications. This can mean that a herdsperson or farmer can be on hand to assist with difficult calving events.

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