Member Benefits

Member Benefits – Member Benefits are designed to deliver extra savings to our members using our buying power. We negotiate savings on your behalf, giving added value to your membership package.

  • Electricity & Gas - Using our combined buying power, we are able to offer competitive rates on a range of utilities. In addition, when signing a contract you can also earn up to £125 in Mole Vouchers to spend at your leisure. Contact us with your requirements today, and we can facilitate a quote.
  • MOT - Varied network of MOT servicers, simply go to one of our partnerships and book straight to your account and receive exclusive rates.
  • Satellite Broadband - We have been able to negotiate exclusive packages for satellite broadband. The system is focused on rural dwellers and does not require a landline. Instead the system uses direct satellite signal, meaning you are not relying on communication networks.
  • Tyres - Varied network of tyre suppliers, simply go to any one of our partnerships and book straight to your account and receive exclusive rates.
  • Vehicles - Huge discounts available on the Toyota, Mitsubishi and Suzuki range, with an average saving of £4k per vehicle. From farm vehicle or family car to commercial van, simply visit your local dealership and receive the member discount.
  • Windscreens - Varied network of windscreen suppliers. Simply visit any of our partnerships and book straight to your Mole Account and receive exclusive rates.
  • Wood Pellet Boilers - Excellent solution for renewable heat sources, they are highly efficient, can be fully automated and are good for the environment. We have negotiated discounts for our members through our supplier.

We are always working on behalf of our members to add benefits and savings direct. Contact us today for more details or for further information on our membership.